Peace be on you.

According to Ahmadiyya Reformer, Promised Messiah Mahdi, God the Exalted makes only them His special friends, who always love Him and obey Him and become His.  God purifies those people who love Him. He is the source of all purification. The people who continue to engage His remembrance with worship, Zikr and love , God grant a shadow of His attributes to these pure people.

One has to be careful in his or her conduct, and improve in morals, Holy Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says:

Dealing with the age-old controversy over the “fewer” vs. “less” usage

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May 5, 2014
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Itim ang kyutiks ng kanyang mga kuko, napansin ko habang inilalagay n'ya ang sigarilyo sa kanyang mapupulang labi, mapulang tulad ng rosas na malapit nang matuyo. Sinindihan n'ya ito saka hinigop ang usok na nagpaalab lalo sa dulo ng yosi. Kumpleto s'ya sa make-up, may itim na eye liner, at meron din s'yang contact lens, na ang kulay ay sa gitna ng berdeng-asul at itim.

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The Seven Physical Forms of Jesus Christ

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So there was a guy who had long hair.. and everybody was saying he's crazy..


let's beat him up.. why is it not on Capital Letters..


Everybody was taking revenge thru business.. thru Philosphy thru education..


What therefore is the Quantity and Quality of our Education in Philosphy..


So is it about the Face?


Would He die or would he live?


What color is His skin? are we using Capital letters?


or A misunderstanding of Words..?



Various Aspects of God.

Peace be on you. 

Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah Mahdi explains the various aspects of God and His Grandeur. He writes: 

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The Darkest Knight Joke

now there was a girl who needed to be rescued:

green lantern: I can't do it.. my ring is on low battery,,

Looking back to Easter Sunday’s earthly and celestial foundations

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April 13, 2014

True Love for Allah

Peace be on you. Ahmadiyya Khalifah (a.t.) explains how to get true love of Allah and illumine lives.


Using euphemism to cushion the blow of request rejections

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March 30, 2014


Dear Fellow Writer,


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a nice story

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