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PAGPAPAHAYAG: Abdul Basit Usman / PNP-OIC Espina - "It is Always Sweet To Die for this Country"

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Good Day! Napanuod ninyo ba ang pagdinig ng Kamara de Representante sa usapin ng Mamasapano massacre nitong nakaraang linggo? masyadong emosyonal. "It is always sweet to die for this country",   matapang na salita galing kay PNP-OIC  Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina  na nakatatak ngayon sa isipan ng mga Pinoy.
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False Belief...

Hello everyone ! nandito na naman ako nagbabalik sa FB it's been years narin di na ako nakakapag post dito sa site na ito na miss ko ito promise!!!

Minsan may mga nakikilala tayong tao na akala natin ay mahina.

Minsan din may nakikilala din tayo na tao na akala natin ay malakas

Minankung sino pa ang sa tingin natin ay mahina , bandang huli siya pa pala ang malakas. Kung sino ang nakilala natin na malakas, bandang huli siya pa pala ang mahina.  

World Peace Can Come Only When Rights of God and then Rights of People are Paid with Patience.

Peace be on you. On February 8, 2015, annual moral and spiritual convention [Jalsa Salana] of Bangladesh ended with an address by Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifah of Islam from UK, live through Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International [].


He said the purpose of these Jalsas worldwide is to increase standard of righteousness [Taqwa] and to remind them to pay rights of God and according to His teaching pay rights of humanity. And take the message of goodwill to all people in the world with love and affection.


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PAGPAPAHAYAG: Saan Nagmula ang Valentine's Day? / Hanggang Kailan ka Magmamahal sa Maling Pag-ibig? / Na- Friend Zone

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U.S. President favors eloquence over grammar-perfect English

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February 3, 2015

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No Peace In Mindanao

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PAGPAPAHAYAG: 44 Fallen SAF Heroes / Lola Petra ng Dorm 12

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will of life

there is no absolute  freedom
binding in the chain of
pain and triumhp
that cannot able to break
bring's you back in this world
even in death you will hunt by consequences
 and regrets
so why not stand for the last time and
 try this once in a chance.
the true meaning is the
will of life
giving all what you got in 
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Khalifah of True Islam asks to show Right Reaction by Sending Blessings to Holy Prophet (pbuh)

Peace be on you....Henri Roussel the founding member of the magazine Charlie Hebdo says that the caricature made by the magazine were provocative and this is the reason that due to irresponsible behavior, the editor pushed his team in the mouth of death. Such acts were which they have been doing since last several years were against our fundamental policy.


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