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bigay ng mundo sa tao
dala dala ay pasanin
hindi lang basta mabigat

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PAGPAPAHAYAG: Paano Maging Member ng SSS? / Androphobia - Fear of Men / Naka-relate sa "Pag-uwi" ni Paolo Ballesteros

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Good Day! Easter Sunday kahapon, kaya late man Happy Easter!

So now as it was then, this is the world in 854 words

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I wrote the essay below in the early 2000s but once again, at the risk of being deemed unduly assertive, I am posting it here to help make sense of the appalling resurgence of religious, political, and ideological genocide in our time in many parts of the world. It’s clear that we still need to answer the big question that has remained unanswered over the centuries: “When will humanity learn to be peaceably rational and rationally peaceable?” (April 4, 2015)


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Para sa mga malandi

Umibig ginayuma nabulag tanga


at Mga pinangakuan


Ikaw lang ang mundo ko

Aabutin ang mga tala

Susungkitin maging mga planeta

Angkinin mo na pati sanlibutan

Kahit lalanguyin ang Bermuda triangle


Nasaan na ang iyong maga sinabi

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PAGPAPAHAYAG: Congratulations Graduates!/Madali lang ang pag-member ng Senior Citizen sa PhilHealth/Chubby-Chubby

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Dealing with semantic wormholes in some Supreme Court rulings

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March 22, 2015


Keep Eyes on Tommorow

Peace be on you.

1- Be Mindful of Tomorrow, it will make good ones life in this world and in life in Herafter. 


2- Exercise Righteousness (Taqwa) in life in homes and in society and in international matters.


3- Root of sin to take sins lightly.


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PAGPAPAHAYAG: Today is International Women's Day / March is Fire Prevention Month - Iwas Sunog Tips

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Good Day!  Happy Women's Day!

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HOW TO DEAL WITH BACKSTABBERS...(or something like that)

Reasons why people talk or say something bad about you behind your back; (1)they're just bored and they have nothing else to talk about, (2)you did something wrong, (3) you did something they don't like or (4) they just really hate you for no apparent reason. And the list goes on and on.

Prophecy Fulfilled for Peace of World


Peace be on you

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