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Advertisement ng mga pulitiko!

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Hay preposterous ang mga ads ng mga pulitiko, what i hate the most ad ni Mar Roxas! please, hindi tanga ang mga pinoy!

Language Processing Disorder; My son had it.

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When my son was born, there seemed to be nothing wrong with him. Aside from that he was quite thin (because I was on diet when I was pregnant) he’s healthy, grossly active and with no physical deformities. Not until when he was two that we learned there’s something wrong with him.

At 2 years old, babies normally could speak at least more than 20 words and 2-word phrases. I could hear from my son not more than 10 words and could say not 1 phrase. I thought he would eventually learn to say more. A trip to the doctor’s office proved me wrong.

It's good to be back!

by poetic_angel

am so happy am back!

sarap mag-browse ng mga posts, napaka-talented talaga nating mga pinoy!

syanga pala drake post mo nga dito yong love letter mo sa sarili mo! dapat share mo din dito yun!

Binay, Obama daw ng Pilipinas?!?

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Nagbibiro ba sya? hello? pwede ba, wag sirain ang isang historic event!


http://lpd-sld-helpingyourchild.blogspot.com/ - Child Disorders
http://authenticpinoyfood.blogspot.com/ - Authentic Filipino Food
http://child-raising.blogspot.com/ - Raising Kids

back after a hundred years!

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it's been a hundred years! and it feels so good to be back again, browsing, reading poems and stories....

Stephen-Johnson's Syndrome- A fatal adverse drug reaction and we are all at risk of it!

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Stephen-Johnson's Syndrome- an allergic reaction which can be caused by microorganism and drugs. But mostly caused by drugs, medicines, the pills that we intake to make us better.believed to be a rare, but proven to be not. It is important that we should be aware of this because it is fatal if left untreated, and survivors are left debilitated and scarred their whole life.

Check out this link for more information about this ailment.

what I feel and think Sa nangyari ngayon sa Manila Peninsula...

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Bakit walang tumugon sa panawagan ni Trillanes? BAkit ang mga pulitiko na palaging nakikisakay sa mga ganitong pagkakataon ay biglang tumahimik? simple lang, kasi political uprising man ang ginawa ni Trillanes, politically motivated man, pero hindi self-serving.

NAkakatuwang isipin, marami nagsasabing mga pulitiko na hindi lehitimong pangulo si Gloria pero ang cause ni Trillanes ay hindi nila sinuportahan. Bakit? Kasi alam nila na hindi nila mai-sisingit ang kanilang political ambitions sa layunin niya.

sa lahat ng mga pinoy na may pagmamahal sa bayan....

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Call me a fool i won't care pero I support what Trillanes and Lim did today! And also I support their proposal of government change through a caretaker government headed by the court.

His Dream...

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In the shadows, he is watching..
with piercing eyes, he is lurking..
for the time,
when he can grab her..
Her-she, who is sitting so lonely,
by the bench, under the dark night sky..
Moonlight showering her whole being,
she is as if calling him..
tempting him,
her hair dancing with the night breeze..
he comes near her,
as he is about to grab her,
she looked up,
she looked at him in his eyes,
and he saw her face,
tears are rolling down her cheeks,
her loneliness, he saw,
her misery, he felt...
and the more they stared at each other's eyes,

a late thought on the GUILTY verdict for ERAP.

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ERAP HAS TO BE GUILTY. well not because i believe he is guilty. The verdict has to be guilty, because if not then Gloria will be facing charges too, grabbing of power.

Erap was overthrown because he was said to have plundered whatever, that gave the legality of Gloria's sitting to the presidency. So if Erap is not guilty that action by gloria and many other government officials then was illegal, and obviously conspired inorder for Erap to be thrown away. i could only imagine the problem this will cause our country.

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