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To be loyal or not to be loyal

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Human life taken merely as it flows, viewed merely as it passes by in time and is gone, is indeed a lost river of experience that plunges down the mountains of youth and sinks in the deserts of age. Its significance comes solely through its relations to the air and the ocean and the great deeps of universal experience. For by such poor figures I may, in passing, symbolize that really rational relation of our personal experience to universal conscious experience.

Royce's ethics is rooted in his analysis of the conditions necessary for an individual life to be meaningful. It is not enough that one's actions merely conform to the strictures of conventional morality — a trained animal might well fulfill such minimal conditions of morality. To lead a morally significant life, one's actions must express a self-consciously asserted will. They must contribute toward realizing a plan of life, a plan that is itself unified by some freely chosen aim. Such an aim and its corresponding plan of life could not easily be created by an individual out of the chaos of conflicting personal desires and impulses that we all encounter. Rather, such aims and plans are found already largely formed in social experience: we come to consciousness in a world that proffers countless well-defined causes and programs for their accomplishment. These programs extend through time and require the contributions of many individuals for their advancement. When one judges a cause to be worthwhile and freely embraces such a program, several momentous things happen. The individual's will is focused and defined in terms of the shared cause. The individual becomes allied with a community of others who are also committed to the same cause. Finally, a morally significant commitment to the cause and to the community develops. This commitment is what Royce calls "loyalty." The moral life may be understood in terms of the multiple loyalties that a person exhibits.

The self Interest behind Persuasion

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Persuasion is a process by which people use messages to influence others. While persuasion typically uses information, the emphasis in a persuasive message is on influencing the receiver (rather than merely providing information and letting the receiver make up his/her own mind). Persuasion attempts to change minds or get people to act. Persuaders seek change!

In the formal study of persuasion several common terms take on special, technical meanings different from their everyday uses. These terms can help persuaders analyze the rhetorical situation and become more effective in designing their messages.

the versus mode (Two giant station Collides)

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GMA 7 and ABS CBN is the two most popular networks of the country, both are into an intensive competition of gaining higher ratings. And because of these the quality of news and the news content is degrading.

The reality is that the Pilipino public is so into entertainment, because their so fed up with the harsh reality and the complexity of serious matters (like; Politics and economics. They wants something to divert their attention away from those things, and entertainment is the key. With this new establish necessity of the public, the Mass Media Industry needs to cater their target audience needs; which is entertainment! That results to every news needs to be somehow related to Entertainment or needs a little touch of entertainment in delivering. In this way the quality of news is being degraded, and the meat of the news is being chopped into minor details, and represent it with great sensationalism, then the need of public to be entertained is satisfied but the need to be informed hangs in thin air.

Mixture of trouble(Media+Politics+Profit)

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The Politicians has the need to inform the public about their candidacy, and promote themselves as the rightful official for a certain position. While the business or commercial networks needs high rating news in order to achieve high profit. In a wider sense both entities has a need that could be satisfied by the other, and this is the main reason why the easily merge during election candidacy period. Some of the officials are close to the networks and other showbiz Talent Manager that could easily lend their talents for support to the officials. Examples

  • Mother Lily Monteverde of Regal Production supported Poe for Presidency, in which their talents the Sexbombs dancers are present in the proclamation rally. Coincidence, or plain business oriented connivances.


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    The Flipino audiences is considered as one of the most sympathetic audience in the world. The immediate acceptance of the television as a legitimate family member is deeply en carve with in everyone of us. Its psychologically influenced us, as early as our toddler years where television is a constant friend and a very entertaining teacher, and this idea grows with us we get older in adolence stage of our life, and now as a critical thinker of the society.

    In which are minds relay on television as a soon feeder of information, from learning, to Business strategy, to daily life situation, to an easy guide of understanding Economy and Politics, and to the exaggerated idea of how to live our life.

    Television rules

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    The introduction of the “television or Idiot box” in 1950's ignites a whole new generation of society into endless pursuit of innovative communication. The new fond household entertainment appliance evolve into a magnifying dictator of everything, it somehow spellbound every audience into the direction of “what the media portraits”, or more clear to say 'what the beholder of this communication device wants to portraits!”

    The gratifying power of Television is obviously presented through the undeniable statistical facts of various research company; according to Nielsen Media research the number of urban dwellers have 98percent access to television, compared to 78 percent for radio, and 40percent fro newspaper. They also concluded that the widest range of reaching to the people is by the means of television with 98percent, while 80percent is for radio, and 71percent reach for newspaper with in the Metropolis.

    Reporting under the gun

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    The fourth estate (the media) is the watchdog of the government, it protects the interest of the public and guards the abuse powers of the unworthy official. And this institution aims to challenged and improve the methods of governance being run in our country.

    But it seems that the Government, look at the media as a threat to them and not an allied in nation building. Even though it is stated in the Philippine Constitution 1986, that the freedom of the press should not be abridge; still the media practitioners could not exercise the full extent of freedom.

    The case of Melinda Magsino, is just one of the hundreds of story being buried into forgetfulness, we are used to hearing radio commentators, media men, and journalist being hunted down and killed. And the Philippine masses is callous with this kinds of events. It is all part of a struggling third world country, trying to redeem itself from all the characteristics of being a third world country.

    Holding on to you

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    How much can some one hold on? Holding on to the love that will never see the sunrise of its purest intention...



    Nor the sunset of its tragic longing.... But the action of holding on, stay strong and untroubled by gossips, influence nor



    The visitation of the mental ghosts such as fear, doubt, and anger.



    This pain of holding on to you will last forever, lost in the light of your after grace, stuck into the memories of our sweet past, dying in the present of being with out you, and hiding in the shadow of our unspoken grief.


    So long

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    Let the silence between you and me, speak of the truth that we believe...Let us shout our intention into the unfathomable of unspoken action...Let our eyes express what are lips dare not to say...let us live the life that we ought to have, and not the life we both dream off...

    You are called into a different passion, while i'm tied up with my obligation. I cannot forsake what has been laid down for me; and you cannot live the lie that i choose to belong with. Let me free you from your regret, and pain... I don't blame you if leave, because with this tragedy is also partly my fault.

    Go and find yourself, while i'll stick to the identity that was crafted and specifically made for me. Is isn't a wonder that we never had each other, but by not possessing each other we learn to appreciate and care more for each other...

    New here!!

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     So here I'm having the courage to publicly showcase my wishful thinking of being a literary artist. I'm new, and I'm up to the challenge. Hope this will do good, now i have a venue for my creative thinking! Tomorrow I will start to post my works!

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