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Get Fucked-Up: Diet Series

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When a close friend said in passing that you looked like you've gain some weight. That means you're fat and you should more>>>


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You know how initial interview goes. You've an awesome cover letter and CV. Now comes the big break. Dressing up and gunning to impress would-be employers read more>>>...

Pissed Off!

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I'm back and I've missed you. I was away for some days because the company I am working for had this Sports Fest. Yes, I play basketball so that people will change their opinion or something read more>>>.

How I Fail To Lose The Demon

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We deal with some demons, right? Everyday? Your demon can be your neighbor's little dogs, or anything like phallic symbols, or can be anybody such as stalkers, or can even be yourself. read more>>>


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I got a call from NBS and decided to just go there on the weekend. My writing piece won in a contest. I'll get P5K for more at Whatever Works>>>

Response to the Complaint Letter to myself... from myself

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Dear myself or whatever. I've read the letter again and few things came to my head. Here are just some of them read more>>>

Good FRi!

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GOOD FRIDAY. Today's anything but good. Woke up late as usual. Neighbors were on the Good Friday mood: loud music, halo-halo special, tong ‘its, and the Last 7 Words of Jesusread more>>>

Holy Thurs!

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HOLY THURSDAY. Nothing close to holiness happened today. Woke up so late and thought I had slept throughout my whole 5-day-vacation. Damnit! read more at Whatever Works>>>


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Suicide does not stop to perplex some of us, tempting even for me. There must be something in suicide that our mothers didn't tell us. Wait I am calling my mother. MOTHERRRRR! read more>>>

Whatever Works, right?!

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