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Of Whatevr things Toidah!

Some pangs of guilt struck me when I got out from the office. What the fuck was that? more>>>

Mr. Bond's quantum solace

Okay then, I have to admit I’d watch the Quantum of Solace...more>>>

Pleasurable Interruptions and other Whatnots

I quit my job and it was worth my while...more>>>

An Unfunny Whistleblower Title and His Appeal to Reason

I stumbled into a conspiracy quite by accident and my life is in fucking danger.

So I run through everything again in my head and how it all happened and all that. I was left astounded and perplexed after I deduced everything and came to a conclusion that sent shivers down my spine. It can't be. It can't fucking be. The cook, that dagglenailed filthy woman with a weird hair and leecherish persona, must have been accumulated through years of smutgery. WTF! No. I need to do something and stop that filth like her from ruining those good people's lives in the company.

Latest Update, New Pics from the Olympics and Other Crap

So I've these new things that I want to accomplish this year. It's something wholesome and very discerning in nature I tell you and I have the support of my good friends...Oh shit, just read the rest here>>>

Whatever Works!

On Writer's Block and Shit!

Boss: “What are you doing?”

Me: "Looking at the wall, why?”

Oh shit, just read the rest here>>>

Whatever Works!

Calling Some Writers: "The Devil Wants You"

I can't say no to Charisse. You see, no one can say. She's such a sweet boss to us poor struggling more>>>

The Grand Inquisitor

With the growing agitating report from people who said to have been much offended by my website, so I've decided today, just for today, to be nice and write only about wholesome literature.

Fucked-Up Diet Series: The BLOW-OUT DIET

I've made a promise to help a friend on her diet. So I give her this here>>>

Fucked-Up Diet Series: Food Not To Eat... Wait, Don't Drink That!

Lunch without coke, a diet coke, is like eating cake without icing. Or so says my friend. She's fat and she's angry, and she also needs our more>>>

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