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Liveblogging Alec Baldwin and His Quest to Kidnap Your Daughter

Yes me too is fucking invisible. I exist solely in your imagination. But unlike Alec Baldwin, that same small letter motherfucking Bald-Wayne, whose devious plan I'm the first to uncover, I continue to exist to protect your daughters, sisters, and yes, your mothers too.. And one way to ensure their safety is to blog about anything that have something to do with securing their lives. As of this late, Alec Baldwin is the threat...more>>>

The Holy Chore of Blogging and Why You Should Lend Me Your Girlfriend, oh no wait not that!

I am breaking my habit of silence because I am much obliged to my responsibility to the holy chore of blogging. And contrary to some beliefs, I have so much love for this site. Right. This is the site that has helped me discover my strong inclination to blogging. With that, I owe it to the man behind this site. Yes, Sir Noid, I owe it to you and owe it big. This site has allow me some space for honing my voice and see if I like the sound of it, or hate it, that is, at the expense of others, preferably not you. I mean you reading this. Holycripes, I love and hate it.


Again, what the fuck is happening to this site? It's getting so fucking duller and duller everyfuckingday. Where is our good ole man Squid, where are you Pmel (again?!), and yes, you too Samsun. This site here has been my drug for quite a while, and it's slowly becoming a 'was'. Was. Was sounds like getting fuck in your ear. I can't stay two minutes longer in this site without my computer screen puking vilecrap at me. What the fuck have you done?

Blogging Pacmania Or Don't Frickin Shit Wid Me Intenewt!

There are roughly 6 billion people watching the Manny Pacquiao against Ricky Hatton fight. Okay that is the world population, I’m not really sure of the numbers. But there must be a zazillion eyes watching the fight now. So many that it will be cool if you don’t watch it. And as you may know I am susceptible to coolness. But I want to see this fight and I am not cool. So fuck you, internet! ...more>>>

The Philippines’ Real Master Tactician

Right. The Philippines almost has it all. We’ve several worldly acknowledged most corrupt and greediest political leaders in the world. We’ve awesomely invented the Halo-Halo (top that Chip Chewrping Tsao). Manny Pacquiao is the world’s number one pound for pound for 281 weeks now. And then there’s our ole man, the real master tactician in the country, no, the entire planet earth, no wait...more>>>

Lateblogging the Fast and the Furious

... and now the main event. Nonito Donaire (20-1) versus Raul Martinez (24-0) for the IBF World Championship.

The champion is Donaire. The first round is Donaire. My brother-in-law asked me, that guy Martinez is undefeated right? I smirked and said he’s supposed to be good. Martinez wobbled to the floor twice, a third would have ended him, but he was literally saved by the bell.

Among Ed

If Ed Panlilio will run for president, I'll promise to change my opinion on politics and vote when elections come. You see, I’d swear to my mind and heart never to vote again and do anything that has something to do with politics, except, of course, to poke fun at them politicians...more>>>

Got Thoreau-ed

Finished finally after few nights of devouring Thoreau's years in Walden Pond, plus his bonus essay On the Duty of Civil Disobedience. Like I always did, there were several unsuccessful attempts till I finally able to read, and now digesting, everything the author said in his book. It was a heavy reading. As you may know I avoided everything heavy. Always did. Except, of course, the drink...more>>>


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A Tale of Two Towers: A Bohemian Occupation

After several weeks of living a misanthropic and relatively chaste monk-like life, I have now devoted my time in peace reading literature, sipping cheap booze, and poking fun to my Friendster friends. If we are not yet friends at Friendster, please add me.

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