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It Is Time

by jonas_01

I stumbled into serious writing (please forgive me for the cliché) quite by accident. That was two years ago and I was a student that time in UST. The chief editor of a publication resigned from his job and I was approached to replace him... more>>>

What The Fuck, Google (YOH SHit!)

by jonas_01

I don’t know what happens to my site... Turn to pro my boot. Why should I upgrade to pro? It would mean spending money for cripessake, and I am fucking poor. Why don’t they just shut down the fucking site and make all this shit over for good? Those fuckers! I am a proud screamer you shitfuckers! Hope you die a slow painful testicular death! I will not even honor you to piss or even spit on your fucking shitard more>>>

Breakfast with Dreiser

by jonas_01

Lovely day...’ I woke early, went to the market, a cup of coffee, had more>>>

Mar of the Moment, And Noynoy for President!

by jonas_01

[This post is inspired by Mar Roxas' announcement on TV to give way to NoyNoy as the standard bearer of their Liberal Party. Yes, I sometimes watch TV just in case you may ask. And I tip my hat to the man of the moment: Mar Roxas. Wise-wise move Senator. The best thing I’ve ever heard from the country for a very long time.]

A Post About Books, and I Love Lifeboat

by jonas_01

My days have trudged on slowly. And I think I should make one blog today. Yes, today I am going to blog about books (and those of my girlfriend too) because I’ve all the luxury now to read and talk about them. When I said I have the luxury, it means I just feel lazy to write any more articles for the clients. But crap. I’ll write the rest of the projects when I feel like it. I mean I can’t work well when I am not enjoying whatever things I am working on.

Till Doomsday and Kingdom Come

by jonas_01

Seems like I need again to break the habit of not blogging. You may notice that I was not blogging for one straight month. And during that period, many interesting events were happening that were worthy of a blog that I just observed in silence such as Gloria's blowout, Cory's death and funeral, McCourt's Memoirs and death, Caparas' fakelevation to artistdom... more>>>

Going Hiatus & Green (A Crappy Precarious Bloke's Note)

by jonas_01

After some crappy hiatus involving me, the girlfriend, and her angry (ang-gay) client over some “Going Green” article I’d wrote last week, I am now back to what I really love doing: blogging another fucked-up day of my more>>>

Why I Blog (Or When I Blog Another Internet Soul Dies)

by jonas_01

I write for two reasons. No. Not to fool you, dear more>>>

Boxing Loves Us or Flying F-Balls Will Smother You

by jonas_01

Lousy Sunday morning. Sipping the second cup of black coffee with a bad headache. And boxing saves my day.

And so comes Love

by jonas_01

And so comes Love.

She is lots cuter than I expected.

Many a lonely night in my room,
Thousands of cig sticks later,
Hundreds of empty bottles, classic and porn movies;
Pervert books and my quarrel with the Internet,
... and I almost give up on Love... more>>>

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