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The Best Posts of Whatever Works 2010!

by jonas_01

Not much inclined to blog about best post of something. But during a smoke break, a crazy incessant thought came to me saying, hey Jonas, how bout this crazy incessant more>>>

First Post of 2011! Or A Drunk Reminiscence of 2010!

by jonas_01

It was January 2010. I's mulling over my future. My stint as an advertising specialist in a big corporation wasn't doing well. I wasn't happy with where I was and what I's doing that time. It was a fine job and the pay was good, too... but read more>>>

Friday Drunk, Mother’s Talk, and My Gold Mine

by jonas_01

Exactly seven weeks since my last post. Lots of things have happened, and I'm excited to tell you about them. When I say I'm excited, it means I'm a bit drunk. Because it is Friday and yesterday was payday, and I've lots of money in my pockets to burn... read more>>>

Miscellaneous: Graphic Novels, Books, Centrum & Magic Potion Cup

by jonas_01

This should have appeared in the previous post, but it had gone too long. So I decided to make a separate one. Because I want this blog to appear like I update it regularly, and also because I was in a more>>>

A Boned Life, Books, Comics, & My New Job (Yay!)

by jonas_01

After 3 years of writing stint in various companies, I'm once again in this mood to reexamine my life. And like that old fish in a story, I also ask myself this question: So, SELF, how's the water? Well, there is only one word to describe it: more>>.

A Tale of Two Stacks

by jonas_01

This is a post on books that sums up my whole uncool nerd life: you can read it here.

Conversations With My Self

by jonas_01

[5:52 AM, Friday]

Self: Heyy Jonas, wake-up!

Jonas: How’s tha deal, mmmh wahtzz zzzzzzZZ

Self: Cripes, man, wake-up!

Jonas: Shhudup, Self. It’s (looks for his cuckoo clock) where's my fricking cuckoo clock for goodness’ sakes?

Self: You never have one.

Jonas: Well, it is 5:53 in the morning! You know I don’t get up at 5:53. I'm always up at 8. You know that.

Self: Yes. But it’s different now. You've a new job.

Jonas: I have?

Saturday Wod Be Great If...

by jonas_01

.. first, I wake up in the morning not too hangover to write this post about what makes Saturday a great day. It's here.

What do you read?

by jonas_01

Hi, I'm jonas and I read books too. Let's talk about books you've been reading? Let's start with mine. Here's my list.

So You Want To Become A Book Critic?

by jonas_01

Well, I am now officially a book critic (wtf?!). I review books, devour them fast, weigh their worth or unworth, and after some drinks and sometimes lots of cursing, impose my judgment on them like the fricking DeathDealer... read more>>

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