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My Top Ten Best Books

by jonas_01 ()

If for some crazy reason I get marooned in the Island of Despair, or sentenced for a very long stay in prison, this will be the list of top 10 books I want to have with me... read more>>>

Thoughts on “The Hunger Games” in 410 Words

by jonas_01

This is something I should be doing for a long time. See, I’ve read The Hunger Games, and the other two books, last year. Consumed them voraciously in the office when the boss wasn’t looking, or even when he’s looking, and pretended that I was hard in my research... read more>>>

7 Great TV Series You Should Be Watching

by jonas_01

I’ve a few minutes to spare to do this. So here’s a quick blog-worthy post for you...7 Great TV Series You Should Be Watching>>>

Blog Drunk

by jonas_01 ()

Here's a shot for you.

Aahhh, there, that’s better.

6th slug of White Castle tastes much better. No, 7th. Hell, I lose the count. Anyway it tastes good, feels good too. Believe me. If you've tried it, you believe me... read more>>>

In Which I Finally Read Neuromancer

by jonas_01

Alright, you’re more nerd than me. But, hey, at least I've finally read more?

Here's Whatever Works! for bubblefarts!

Threading the Murakami Landscape

by jonas_01

Reading Murakami the first time dares you to think he’s full of shit, with all his mystery and other fricking realm where people are raped, mugged, and marked. But you couldn't stop reading more>>>

Or learn more about sparklewarts at Whatever Works!

This Must Be Written Fast

by jonas_01

Pangs of guilt buggering for days, no more joy in cheap whiskeys, and lighting a fag only heightens the malaise, and you don’t sleep well, and you’ve finally used up all excuses and accumulations of bollocks have finally taken its more>>>

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Welcoming a Summer of Nerdy Solitude

by jonas_01

Well, I missed college summer days. You could spend the two-month worth of mardi gras days jumping seamlessly from one fiesta to another. No longer want to do them though, choosing a nerdy solitude or with my nerdy mates, enjoying some laughs and drinks, on a beach somewhere, where the best looking girls are always on the other cottage, gorging on grilled fish, chicken and pork, and washed the food with a deep glass of cold more>>>

How I Shafted My Day Job (Well, Almost)

by jonas_01

So I wrote this for a laugh, ain't I? The boss says I'm alright and want me to sign a contract extension, with a higher pay, of course. But I was a bit suspicious and won't sign the more>>>

Impulse In The Afternoon

by jonas_01

Brewed coffee, plain, luv, I said to the girl. Settled warmly on a lounger and examined my treasures. One of my life's deepest regrets is that I read books late in life. No one ever told me it's more>>>

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