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The Last Dawn With You

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Sweetest love flowed in a midnight of September. I remember the glory. I remember the gratification. And now I am sure that you, too, remember the fulfillment of the endless beauty of true love. It was a dream that came into reality.

No one between us had imagined that it was our last midnight together. Even now, after several September have passed, I still cannot believe that I was sipping the last drop of joys with you. It was a midnight and dawn of love with you. Now, I face the day with little pangs of feeling alone and abandoned. I become a child whose treasured toy was stolen - and cannot be returned. I am at lost not in the dark but in daylight!

English Rules!

by Jerry G. Gervacio ()

English Rules!

"English Rules!" was the motto of the Department of Languages and Literature of Blancia Carreon College where I used to serve as instructor.

The striking line emerged when the "Speak to me in English" campaign was launched, making the entire campus an English speaking zone. The campaign was inspired by the government's, as well as the institution's concern on the deterioration of the use of English language.

I personally believe the great advantages of graduates who are proficient in English. But of course, skills are on top.

After I left my teaching profession, I haven't heard much about the program. However, I am sure that the program sustained.

Whatever and Well; The message in Missing Felimon's Englisera

by Jerry G. Gervacio ()

Whatever and Well
The message in Missing Felimon's Englisera

I loved more than one woman in my life. But not once did I told one of them the Bisaya equivalent of "I love you." Day, gihigugma ko ikaw. I didn't really know why. Was it because I felt that it might not be "appropriate" to say so? Or was it because I was afraid that she might laugh at it? Maybe, I simply found it comfortable to express my innermost feeling in a foreign language than with my first language.

I realize this not until I first hear Missing Felimon's song, Englisera. The song artistically beats my mind and rythmically touches my heart with its sincere message I understand.

Got a Friendster Account?

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Got a Friendster Account?

Once again we make a stunning record! With the world's record of the most number of SMS (text) messages processed everyday; now, we are named as having the most number of Friendster account users - with 5 MILLION Friendster accounts!

It sounds amazing but for most online users, 5 million will likely double very soon. This can be attributed to Friendster's features which perfectly tickle the discriminating taste of Filipinos.

Friendster is a friend that tells about who a friend is; introduces a new friend; find long lost friend; keep the bond among friends. Whatever the motives of the user, Friendster serves the purpose and more or less satisfy, and to some fulfill personal intentions.

Great things happen in Cebu: In 2007, Cebu ICT Int'l Confab

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Cebu ICT 2007 International Conference and Exhibition

Cebu has always been hosting great things! If my lolo is alive, he will remind me about the great Battle of Mactan. If my lolo is here, I will detail to him the success of ASEAN summit, and I will boast to him the Cebu ICT 2007 International Conference and Exhibition that will be held on June 26-28, 2007.

And if he is still awake (as great things sometimes tire us, young and old), I will replay about the 1 million Cebuano votes and the historic oath taking of President Arroyo in Cebu.

A year ago, during the 2nd ICT Strategy Summit held in Cebu City, senior IT analyst of XMG-Asia Pacific, Cesar Tolentino, expressed his confidence that Cebu will soon lead in the world’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) support provider and in positioning itself as a high-end IT investment hub.

Just for Today

by Jerry G. Gervacio ()

Just for today, I think I am happy because I am not sad.
Today, I feel some traces of sadness within because:
-I think of her.
--I am worried for her situation.
---I regret why I didn't offer her my help

Just for today, I love her as much as how I used to love her.
Does she remember me?


by Jerry G. Gervacio ( | )
by Jerry G. Gervacio
I really never knew what I wanted until I was in a career I believe that I wanted only to realize that I wanted something else. Choosing a career indeed put me in crossroads.

No one knew but when I was in mid-grade school, I wanted to become priest, or become the Pope, and saint. I didn’t knew why.

Before high school graduation, I was so sure that I wanted to become a veterinarian. It made me smile to imagine myself assisting farmers in our community with their farm animals.

Pospas Band rocks in Cebu!

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Pospas Band rocks in Cebu!
by Jerry G. Gervacio

Bands are noted for their monicker that marks not only the minds but also the heart of their followers. Some bands appeal to gastronomical cravings. One of then is Pospas band.

You may love congee or arroz caldo. If so, then, you must have heard pospas, too! Pospas seems to be the Cebuano or Boholano term for the stuff. But pospas is not all about food because there is Pospas band that take you to musical astonishment.

Pospas is Cebuano rock band based in Jugan, Consolacion, Cebu Province, Pospas_1 Philippines. The band, started in October 21, 2006, gradually gains popularity with the songs, Gikalipay Mo Ba?, Gikulata, and Palautang.

Aggressive Audio: Conquering the Airwaves

by Jerry G. Gervacio ()

Aggressive Audio
by Jerry Gillera Gervacio

Aggressive Audio is a Cebuano rock band based in Cebu City, Philippines. It is one of the numerous rock bands in Cebu that popularize rock songs using the Cebuano language. Such songs are referred to as BisRock, a term coined by a Cebuano writer, Januar E. Yap.


Aggressive Audio was formed in the early summer of 2000 by original band members, Archie Uy (guitarist), Eugene Corpin (lead singer), Sidney Alburo (rythm), Joel Abanque (drummer), and Vincent Ngalis (bass guitarist). Randolf Silvano (guitarist), joined later. Original members were former altar boys and choir members of Mabolo Catholic Church. They began to manifest their talent through various invitations to perform during fiesta celebrations. Their passion to music in addition to talents clearly manifested in such activities.

Pahiyum sa Banagbanag

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Pahiyum sa Banagbanag

Gidamgo ko ang kagahapon;
gibati ko ang kahaw-ang sa kagabhion;
apan gipukaw ako sa bag-ong paglaom;
ug mibuswak ang banagbanag nga may matam-is nga pahiyum.

Pahiyum sa banagbanag gikulit ko;
sa kasingkasing bugtong bahandi ang gugma mo;
misaksi niini ang balod sa makasaysayanong baybayon;
langit usab nasayod; pagbati ko;gugma ko matinud-anon.

Nakita ko ang bidlisiw, puno sa paglaom;
nasaksihan ko ang paghimaya sa hardin sa katahom;
banagbanag, O, napuno ako sa imong pahiyom;
misteryo ba kini? Ako karon ulipon sa 'way sama mong katahom.

Pahiyum sa banagbanag, O matam-is nga pahiyum!

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