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I am a Filipino. I am proud of being a Filipino. I love the Philippines and all that it has. Why then would I leave? Yes! You hear that right! I am not leaving!

Does anyone of you here plan to take up nursing and work for dollars? Or how many of your children are taking up nursing?

Everyday we hear doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers who are already joining the bandwagon in the pursuit of the American dream.

Life's Instructions From a Marathon Race

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Could one still claim victory in a race without finishing it? Does giving up always mean defeat?

We often heard that when we dream, we dream high and dream big, because they cost nothing at all. Indeed in dreaming, it only takes an optimistic mind, a hopeful heart, and a positive outlook, not limited in our comfort zones, but goes beyond the corners of our inner thoughts and deepest desires.


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I am a man of SCIENCE and i am a believer of GOD. I am brought up in the most religious way my mother could and up to this day, i am very grateful for what she did. She have founded my faith on solid ground.

My faith is not a blind faith. Although I became a believer of God because that was what my mother instilled in my malleable mind when i was a kid but as i was growing up, it is still the same faith that i carried when i was young. As i become more aware of the things around me, as a grasp for more knowledge everyday, as i continue to journey in life, the more unstaggering and unwavering my belief that a Supreme being exists. That indeed, there is God!

The Art of Listening

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“This is my dear Son – listen to Him.”


            Distractions. We get a lot of these daily. I have my long list of it. For certain you have your list too.


             In today's Gospel for example, Jesus disciples were distracted because of His transfigfuration. And so the Father spoke to them and commanded them to listen.

Missing Piece

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I am a broken jigsaw puzzle. I have a missing part. I am deformed. I am devalued. I am not whole.



There is something missing in my life, my heart dictates. I have become so busy with getting a life. But a life that is of the world, not of God.



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           ‘Twas a bright Saturday morning when I wake up with a never-before had combined feelings of anticipation and enthusiasm. Firsts are always memorable and in fact on that particular day, as the ferocity of the sun’s rays became unbearable, the excitement that enveloped me was also far escalating. I have always loved to witness and discover new things probably because they make the pages of my life fonder to look back and reminisce.



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Getting out from the portals of college is a huge relief. No more kilometric assignments to pass, mind-boggling quizzes and exams, and waving adieu to my disheartening professors.  Enduring four long years of hardwork and sacrifice is an answered prayer or to some a wish granted.

            I thought life after college would be easy then. I can wake up in varying angles of the sun. I can watch documentary programs late at night. I can savor my lunch meals up to the last dish. I can go out with close friends without thinking of my untouched assignment in chemistry. I can take my time watching the sea waves kiss the white sand during my early morning walks on school days.

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