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A world not mine

by elbina rafizadeh ()

This world, it seems,

Belongs to others

And not for me 


I voice my tears

Lord, please answer

chapel at midnight

by elbina rafizadeh ()

Chapel at midnight 

In the chapel

The emptiness of God

Of lingering incense

and lily white adorns

the blessed sacrament 


Clouds of gray pierces the darkness

shrouds of hatred screams into the silence

coldness envelopes the heart 


Is my skin too dark?

Does my smile causes suspicion, because

I do not look like you? Or am I just too simple and poor? 


I bow my forehead onto the tile floor, gray and discolored


by elbina rafizadeh ()

Heart’s divinity

invited me to stay

without hesitation

nothing to weigh

as I stepped through

the chamber door

Before Lauds

by elbina rafizadeh ()

Listen to the stillness of the

morn, to the hail of wise birch

at the bottom of the hill, bare

branches extended to the sky

while the song of meadowlark

awaken the dawn in the

pause before the bell tolls.

Feb 10, 2005

Feast of St. Scholastica

Untitled poem

by elbina rafizadeh ()

Salvaged heart, torn feet

through tunnels with paths

of thistled brush and pine needles

Carried to the dawn

by the hooded figure

dressed in white holding

her against his chest so

she may sleep for a

thousand breaths until

her eyes open to the kiss

of sweet symphony of the morn.

November, 2006

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