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SONG of SOLOMON (With Some Verses on Sex & Marriage)

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SONG of SOLOMON (With Some Verses on Sex & Marriage)

Many people say it's bold - controversial. Those who have prolific minds would really be imagining sorts. It's very short that some verses on sex and marriage are added which are informative and educational. It's just a pocketbook, 47 pages - cheap, and so why not see it for yourself.

THE RIGHT WAY (Christian Life)

I have just published THE RIGHT WAY (Christian Life), 208 pages, 5" x 8", perfect bound, at - This serves also as a checklist whether or not we are following the way we should live in accordance with God. The book is good for all, Christians or not. May God bless you all. SEN

THE RIGHT WAY (Christian Life)

I have started and finished translating more than one chapter of the SONG OF SOLOMON but I thought of finishing first THE RIGHT WAY (Christian Life) which I believe is more beneficial to all. Hopefully, it could be published soon. May God bless all of us. SEN

THE WILL BIBLE (Genesis to Judges)


I've just published THE WILL BIBLE (Genesis to Judges) - First 7 books of the Holy Bible plainly translated from the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament) where we get our basic knowledge about everything. God created everything including man in 6 days and made Himself known to the world in Exodus. God chose Israel to be His people to whom He entrusted His oracles but Israel continually disobeyed God until and beyond the time of the Judges which anyway led to the opportunity given to non-Israelites to become children of God in Christ. Written in prose, this book is easy to read and understand.

I'm back...

My computer was destroyed and I have no computer for about a month. With God's help I am able to acquire the other day a chop chop computer - that means some parts are new and others already used but anyway I can use it still. Hopefully, I can now publish other books... hey! PLS visit the books at

May God bless you all.


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THE WILL BIBLE (NEW TESTAMENT) is a plain translation of THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT, 4th Revised Edition (1998 Printing), with the permission of the German Bible Society. Words in bold letters are transliterations. Words in italics are supplied by
the Translator. Words in bold italics are new words introduced to the English language some of which are new transliterations. Second person singular personal pronoun is specified - thou is in the nominative; thy or of thee - genitive or possessive; to/for thee - dative; and thee – accusative. Words in parenthesis

IESOUS aka JOSHUA (Servant of God)

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I have just published a pocketbook - IESOUS aka JOSHUA (Servant of God). It is Joshua who wrote Deuteronomy. Joshua was the attendant of Mouses. God did not allow Mouses to enter the promised land for he sinned when he struck the Rock to give water to the Israelites in the wilderness. God appointed Joshua to lead the Israelites after Mouses died. They crossed the Jordan River on dry land as they did on the Red Sea. This book shows how the Israelites fought and took the promised land. The inheritance of the twelve tribes of Israel by lots are specified with their corresponding boundaries. It is in this book where the sun stood still for the whole day as requested by Joshua to further prove that God is with him.

HTML Lessons for WEB Pages

I have just published a book entitled HTML Lessons for WEB Pages.  FREE Download.  Base Price for production cost (paper, ink, etc.)  for printed copies is charged by publisher.  This book is composed of simple HTML lessons that enable an ordinary internet user to create amazing web pages.  One does not need to undertake special courses to understand and learn how to design or make a website.  Just study these lessons and apply.  As everybody says - practice makes perfect.   Download NOW from

I have just created AR Joaquin's Blog at  and it seems that it is a good blogspot website.  Check it and join if it seems good for you too.

Iesous a.k.a. Joshua (Servant of God)

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I was encoding Numbers but I had to go to the province and I was not here for 12 days.  I arrived May 10 and got back to the computer and internet.  Unfortunately after 5 days my monitor blacked out and the problem was my Windows XP Pro.  The computer went back online May 24 pm but all records were deleted.  The hard disk was like formatted and so ... headaches.

While I was on vacation, I was able to translate Deuteronomy.  And during the time when the computer was down, I was able to translate the book of Joshua.  In the Septuagint, it appears that the name Joshua is Iesous.  He was the servant of God after Mouses who led the Israelites to the promised land as God did not allow Mouses to enter therein because he with Aaron sinned.

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