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She's Dating a Pervert

So there was a pervert of the age of 30. and a Nympho of the age of 22-- they made love.



to be continued. 

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Kalungkutan ko at ng Ulap

Madalas kong sabihing

Maligaya ako

Kahit umuulan

Kahit madilim ang langit.

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Confronting China

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Invitation To A Book Launching Event


 I'm inviting everyone to a Book Launching Event po:


Date: July 20, 2014

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: National Bookstore, MOA Branch

Title of Book: Santuwaryo: Tatlong Kuwento Ng Pag-ibig

Genre: Gay love story/romance

Price: Php 180.00


Heto po ang link:


Maraming salamat po!


Michael Juha 

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In this world full of faggots and cowards,


There is Imbalance to the Force,


The hypocrites become more hypocritical,



The stupider become more stupid.


Is it because of Alcohol.



The potential Computer programmers are discriminated,


and they use the internet for those who discriminate them,



They feel they are the rightful owners of the internet,


And yet they cannot create one single SimCard,

Germany: 39 Annual Ahmadiyya Gathering...37 million people reached.

Peace be on you. Recently Jalsa Salana / annual moral and spiritual gathering of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Germany concluded. Holy Khalifah attended it and attendance was 33000 plus. Faithful came from several countries. There were 200 German guests. There were inaugural and foundation stone ceremonies of mosques too, through which message of real peaceful Islam reached to Germans and others through Khilafat of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at.

Avoidance options for the pesky “who” vs. “whom” conundrum

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May 25, 2014

Be Loyal to God for Successful Life.

Peace be on you.

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Give me that Boy --Baba

 ( Warning: This story was never intended to harm or offend any race any objects or persons or entities that seem similar to this story are entirely coincidental or fictional--this was made thru imagination and ideas--so just enjoy and relax.)





There was an  Old Arab Prince who had 4 Strong sons and 1 young daughter..



her beautiful daughter fell in love with one Jewish boy... 


his daughter was about 16 years old..


Love for all, Hatred for none is the pathway to: There is none worthy of worship but Allah, Muhammad is His Messenger.

Peace be upon everyone. ‘Love for all, hatred for none ’ It  is a slogan of Jamat e Ahmadiyya. It means that:

== they are not enemy to other people,

== real Islam teaches love for everyone and no cruelty and barbarism.

== they should live with love to each other.

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