Being Human

by ed_roa ( | )


Being Human


Lord I do not wish

To hide from you

I’m to lazy, I say


You molded me

From lowly clay

Am I to blame?


Can I help it

If I err?

Only human, I say


Free will is

A handy phrase

Is it really there?


Glory I can’t own

The Fall, as well

Not mine to will, I say


It is God’s grace

If undeserved

Failure is the Devil’s


Conscience perplexed

Helpless yet blamed

Innocent but guilty


Simple minded me

In a quandary, accept

A mystery, I say


by Pmel on January 11, 2009 - 11:57am

Sometimes, I wish I weren't a human. Sometimes I wished I were a bird. Nevermind that I have to eat worms every morning! I wouldn't know the difference, anyway. Still, being human is no difference from being a bird.

I remember, when our maids and I caught two brown birds in the house; one got away cause my grip was too lose ... I didn't want to kill it by accident. Well, the remaining bird that we had, we kept it prison as a pet.

The following morning, our maid Tina took pity on the bird, who was visited by its friends, "I was touched that they tried to free their comrade!" Tina said. So she let it go ...

It really depends on who has you under their thumbs and what kind of person you are. I bet if Tina had a heart of stone or is too selfish, she wouldn't have freed the bird

If the bird didn't know how to make friends, he wouldn't have managed to call in his other fellow birds to help him get out ...

Whatever creature you are, as long as you have a good heart, people will help you out. God is just there to watch what you do to yourself.

God's only purpose is to make you. It's up to you if you want your life to be good or not ... sometimes, I think this is what it's all about. You and no one else.

Make a good life, good people will follow you. Make a bad one, and you're sure to die ... but then, what about those people with good intentions that were tricked by cons? Like Madoff? Weren't they good too? Ah, but they couldn't take the fact that they had nothing, from rich to poor.

The world is so confusing. Humans are so complex and God is just there, watching.


Just thinking ... nice poem. :)

by ed_roa on January 11, 2009 - 1:29pm

 You're right, God is just there. So whatever confusion daily life presses on you just have faith and accept that in the end things will turn out right.

by Pmel on January 11, 2009 - 9:33pm








Faith is good to have.