Attn: Admins. Please Delete Spam & Spammers

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To the FW members who I assigned as admininstrators, please delete the spam and spammers once you see them. That's why I assigned you as admins so you won't have to wait for my instructions, or for me deleting them myself. :)

Just a few tips.

1. Before deleting the spammer, use the track tab to see what else the spammer has posted. Then once you see them in the track page go to each of the spam comments/posts and delete them one by one.

2. After deleting the spam posts then you can delete the spammer account.

Thanks a lot again for your help!









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may mga nadiskubre akung mga account na isa lng ang kino-comentan kya maraming comments at para manguna sa popular content at live discussions, siguro isa lng ang taong gumagawa n2... 

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Thanks chris2pei. Paki post

Thanks chris2pei. Paki post na lang kung aling accounts para madelete natin accounts nila. :P