Answers for a Newbie Freelance Writer

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An aspiring freelance writer recently sent me an e-mail to ask if it is advisable to jump into the adventurous waters of freelance writing. I thought it best to share my answers with all of you since his questions are the usual concerns posed by a newbie freelance writer, as I once was.

Is freelance writing a viable alternative career?

It is, if you are really determined to succeed and focused on making this particular career choice work. In other words, like all other endeavors, it requires hard work. It is advisable though to have some savings set aside before you go full-time. Or you may transition gradually until you have gained some momentum, and are confident to expend all your energy into freelancing.

The good thing about freelance writing is that it is not all about feature writing. For example, if your native language is other than English, then you can also go into translation. There's also the wonderful world of blogging where you become your own boss, and your previous articles continue to earn for you without you needing to re-write it or re-submit them to other publications.

How do I get started?

If you want to write features for international publications, just read my previous articles in the site. Look for ideas, and their corresponding writing markets, and start pitching.

If you want to go into translation, you may want to try out Once registered -- it's free -- and have created a profile, you will start receiving offers from translation companies or from individuals.

If you want to blog, read my article on blogging and download Yaro Starak's free e-book on blogging, Blog Profits Blueprint. Yaro also offers a paid course on blogging called Blog Mastermind. Blog Mastermind will hold your hand as you learn the basic steps of blogging, including creating a blog, and earning from it. Yaro has also created a new site for the absolute newbie blogger called John Chow also has a Free Make Money Online e-book. And there's the ultimate blog/resource on blogging, Darren Rowse's Problogger. Any question you have on blogging, most probably Darren has already written about it.

How do I avoid scammers? What is the guarantee that I will receive my earnings?

The freelance writing markets I listed in my article How to Look for a Publication (Which Will Pay You Dollars) for Your Freelance Writing Idea are usually verified by the owners/publishers of the sites listing these markets. International publications that you find in magazine stands assure you that they are reputable publications. When in doubt, just Google for a particular publication or company with the word "scam" in your search.

When it comes to translation, it is advisable to start out with translation agencies or companies. Check out their background by exploring their sites or Googling their company names.

And then, of course, being you own boss as a blogger is the best insurance that you will get paid.

Can you recommend surefire "freelance writing companies?"

If one means by "surefire" that your pitch or article proposal will immediately be accepted by the publication, then there is no "surefire" way. The best you can do is write a persuasive pitch. The important thing is to always have your "freelance writing idea" antenna out, keeping an eye out for ideas which will interest publications.

Hope these answers help our newbie freelance writer and all aspiring freelance writers out there. :D

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by krysia on October 11, 2009 - 3:47pm

I think new writers should also consider giving out some free samples if they want to  hook up potential clients. True, there are a lot of scams (I was a victim once) but that shouldn't stop you from trusting other people. 

There are various freelance writing jobs which are really legit. I've compiled some here to help other writers find freelance writing leads in the Philippines. :)

by Marienel Magno on February 8, 2010 - 11:27pm

sir, this helped me alot! thank you very much!

by chris2pei on January 26, 2011 - 3:07pm

thank yo very much Sir, it help us a lot :D

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