A Tribute To Our National Hero: 151st Birthday Part 1

by Kent_Queipo ()

I noticed here in our very own country that the young know more about the latest actors, actresses, singers: their favorite food,color and hobbies.


They know more about Korean band singers: the boy groups, the girl groups, and their branches.


They talk about their superficial looks-- which in reality is incredibly vain. 


They know more about Japanese anime-- the hyperbole moves, Superstrength and clans.


They know more about the things to do to create an item for their fantasy Hero Characters --- so that their heroes will become stronger.



But do they know about history? Especially our very own history?


Yes history is full of additions and subtractions--- but at least there are material solidified evidenses...


and abstract evidences.


Like Freedom.




so coined up word today in our place. Maybe we are still enslaved by our own ignorance. Or Maybe we are still enslaved by the media. Or by our very own urges. Or by our own stupidity.


Intellectual Freedom is what really matters in this democratic country.


And those who are old are ignorant and they don't care--- mediocre. 



So my point is who celebrated the Birthday this June 19th? Yeah we all know his name Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal Y Alonzo.. or did I said that right? Maybe I'm wrong.. Maybe I'm ignorant too...


So lets just stick to the Greatest Hero of the Philippines... and he's not a boxer who won 8 Titles that led him to a Guiness World Record in Boxing..


he's 5 feet and two inches tall.. frail to look at.. his grandparents came from Fujian China... and thats all i know...


or some.. he has Aeta genetics or blood as they say which is why he is short in stature... he has also a blood of an Indio-- a malay race... he likes flowers...

he can speak several languanges-- which I mean not seven but more than seven-- I think he can speak Ilonggo, Chabacano, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, English, Tagalog, Visayan, Maranao, German, French, and he Spoke Spanish best like it was his first language... as English was first to me...


and he is small..


he's first teacher was his mother ..

who taught him how to read and write and count.. which was a simple task for us parents nowadays...


his first poem was in Tagalog " Sa Aking Mga Kababata" ... he was still a child when he wrote it...


His friend in Europe was Juan Luna-- the Genius Filipino Painter...


 He was an Illustrado-- which before was high class in society for Filipinos...


He went to Hong-Kong,  Tashkent, Spain, Chekoslovakia, Germany, Indonesia, France and many other places I couldn't remember ... 


He has a Shrine in Fujian China, Chekoslovakia and Indonesia-- Fujian China??? a communist country and yet enshrined a hero of a democratic country-- why?


it gives me wonder amazement and a thinking smile..


Do we know his favorite color? I don't.


and it makes me feel guilty.


 And he wanted the Philippines to be a Province of Spain-- not a Colony.


He died never seeing his country free-- was he right that Philippines should be a Province of Spain? We Spaniards?


or we became totally free... not a province or state of any country...


He wanted the Filipino Mind to be Intellectually free thru eduction.. not just wage war immediately.. a revolution without even thinking the consequences..


his goal was intellectual freedom of Filipinos--- his own family..


He died never seeing the Sunrise-- the Sun-- Yellow and Golden Symbol in the Philippine Flag..



... To be Continued