2016 Year-End Special: A Folio of Joe Carillo’s Personal Essays and Other Readings

by JoeCarillo ( | | )

January 5, 2017


Dear Forum Member,


A Happy and Prosperous New Year!


We are delighted to announce that Jose Carillo’s English Forum has two new features to make it faster, easier, and more convenient for you to enjoy its many offerings.


First, as we’ve pretested during the past four weeks, the Forum now has a more current, more interactive, and more convenient entry point. Through its reformatted Gateway to Great English on Facebook that’s easily accessible through the indicated link, the Forum now instantly provides running capsule introductions to its postings, both current and old, of interesting English grammar critiques and general-interest readings. (Alternatively, you still can go to the Forum Homepage as usual and click the Gateway’s Facebook badge.) As this new interactive Facebook gateway will keep you updated 24/7 of new postings the very moment we upload them, we’ll now reduce this Forum mailer’s frequency from the previous weekly to just monthly starting with this one.


Second, the Forum is piloting this January a special 2016 year-end offering—a folio of six of my personal essays of enduring significance (2002-2016) and six general-interest readings that some of you might have missed. The 12 exemplify the wide range of subjects and themes that I’ve written about for my English-usage column in The Manila Times since 2002, for which the online Forum has become a home and permanent repository. (If you wish, you can take a peep at the special folio now by clicking this link: http://josecarilloforum.com/YES/). We’ll be expanding and enriching this special folio with even more interesting readings and features in the months ahead.



·       Essays by Jose Carillo: A Special 2016 Year-End Folio of Personal Essays and General-Interest Readings (12 readings of enduring significance that I’ve written for my English-usage column in The Manila Times since 2002)

·       Use and Misuse: A Letter from a Purchaser of My English-Usage Books 6 Years Ago (A refreshing blast from the past that expresses appreciation for what a young woman—a software engineer—learned from them and that requests a critique of her English in that letter itself)

·       You Asked Me This Question: Why There’s Really No Such Thing as a Complex-Complex Sentence (Upon close analysis, seemingly complex-complex structures could simply be simple sentences with adjectival or adverbial modifiers)

·       Getting to Know English: Blessed are They Who Can Speak in Simple, Clear, Effortless English! (An animated online exchange with a Facebook friend about how overly complicated sentence constructions impede and undermine the understanding of the message)

·       Students’ Sounding Board: Commemorative: “Did Jose Rizal Ever Speak and Write in English?” (A revisit and update of a fascinating 2010 Forum post on how Rizal, during his 1880s European sojourn, seriously studied English and polished it because “he was seriously trying to win the love of an Englishwoman.”)

·       My Media English Watch: Usage of the Phrase “On The Ground” in Official Circles Gets Out of Hand (That phrase is semantically off and sounds like an affectation unless the speakers sincerely believe their undertaking is so crucial as to be considered “the moral equivalent of war”)

·       News and Commentary: Languages Still Major Barrier to Global Science, Says Study (Publication of new scientific findings in languages other than English hinders the understanding and advance of science and research)

·       The Finest in Language Humor: 18 Classic Quotes for the New Year (Sampler: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”— Albert Einstein)

·       Badly Written, Badly Spoken: Is This Yellow Journalism? (A Forum member takes offense at a naughty, almost downright malicious news headline)

·       The Lounge: All the Music and Performers That Your Heart Could Desire (Believe it or not, an update of an old video jukebox in the Forum can now play so many hours and hundreds of memorable music videos that you never thought could be put together in just one place)

·       How Good is Your English?: Debatable Answer Choices in an English Practice Test (They can confuse when made too arithmetical, too arbitrary, and too culture-bound!)


See you at the Forum and, again, Happy New Year!


Sincerely yours,

Joe Carillo



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