1 Million Arrows

by turtlethoughts ( | )

My dreams just made me feel how sad reality is. 
Friendship is all that I can give to her now. 
And I must forbid myself to fall furthermore. 
The more I fall the more I realize how broken I will be.

I didn’t forced myself to fall, 
I didn’t planed anything and
I didn’t know where did it came from, and where will it go 
I just found myself struck by 1 million arrows, 

Arrows that goes straight within me, 
Hitting all the veins and arteries in my heart. 
Giving me the most beautiful and precious feeling of all. 
Telling me 1 million things and more of how much I love her. 

How can I dodge this unexpected shot? 
How can I pull all these arrows while they’re still inside? 
Digging more and more giving me happy thoughts, 
But in reality they just register as pain. 

Invisible behind fake smile and laughter.
For she must not know anything. 
She must not know everything. 
Everything I have for her. 

Oblivion please help me again, 
I must stop. 
I must give end to these unreal dreams. 
Dreams of being with her.
Being careless that somebody owns her. 

He is the one she has chosen to take care of her, 
To be her other half which she can’t live without, 
Her inspiration, 
The one who understand her, 
The one who knows her more, 
The one who possess her ‘LOVE’. 
And the one who gives her back the ‘LOVE’ she gives. 

That’s why I must try to forget and to escape, 
I must retain to what I am to her, 
For I can’t be her other half too, 
She can’t give me her Love, 
And I can’t give her mine, 

That’s why I must wake up now, 
For I am her 


created April 16, 2008 1:35 am

Emotional literature.